Introducing Tranquil Storm

Tranquil Storm is not a normal movie company. In fact, Tranquil Storm just isn't normal. Made up of two brothers, Micah and Peter, in combination with whoever happens to be willing to help on the current project, Tranquil Storm is all about creating the project at hand in the best way possible, while having as much fun as possible.

Tranquil Storm has already released Corporal Faith for free download and has released The Story of Wassail and Outright Israel for sale on video. And a new project - Light of Life - is now in production. Things are rolling, so click around and take a look!

Feel free to contact us with comments, suggestions, and whatever else you care to say. However, please do not send scripts. They will not be read.


Tranquil Storm Logo Animation

Take a look at the Tranquil Storm logo animation!