Here are some papers related to the production of Outright Israel. They included such things as, various plans and lists made in the planning stage, papers from during the trip and some from the editing stage of production.

I hope you enjoy them and I hope you can read the horrible handwriting!

We planned the trip over a period of about 7 weeks while we kept trying to pull together some people who's schedules roughly matched. This is an earlier rendition of Outright Israel. It was, at that time, under the working name of "Israel: Border to Border" (whew, glad we ditched that name) and involved a lot more walking than we ended up doing (whew, really glad we ditched most of that). We were also worried that we might be blocked from going to Jerusalem because of several recent bombings there. But, the 8-day time frame, basic route and the Jeep ride were already figured out.

Just for interest's sake - the name "Outright Israel" was decided on soon after this paper. Peter was using an online thesaurus to find synonyms for such words as "obvious" and "loud" in hopes of coming across a good name. "Outright" was found and quickly became the official and oh-so-amazing title of the project.

A list of things to bring on the trip as well as some activities that could be done. Only the musical chair one ended up being done. We brought scarves and sock hats on the trip to carol people in Eilat, but forgot to.

These two papers are lists of fixes to be done to the editing after review of a draft copy. Usually, we edit a video is edited in one long run, then watch it through and write down all of the changes needed, then fix those mistakes, then watch it again, then fix those mistakes, etc.

This paper is a list of translations. Basil Khalil watched the parts of the video that have Hebrew of Arabic and told me the translations, which I madly scratched down on this paper along with the timecode of the shot.