Here we are - the photos of Outright Israel! Following are about 40 pictures with occasional captions to explain them. They are roughly in chronological order, though I won't swear to it. Not all are photos, to be honest, some are stills from the video. Enjoy!

Basil at his home in Alabama. It's obvious why he would want to go on an Outright trip across Israel!

Going to the train station to ride up north to begin the video. Waking up at 7 can be rough. You can see in this photo how we attempted to hold the ukulele onto Basil's backpack. It didn't work. During the trip we tried using twist-ties and different positions, but finally resorted to the all-mighty duct-tape.

The amazing Peter recording Micah on Mt. Carmel with Armageddon in the background. We shot this before the trip really started and didn't use it because, well, Micah was really bad in his first on-camera spiel. We shot it about seven times!

At the border of Lebanon. The sign behind him reads Stop! Border In Front. We contemplated that someone ought to be able to tell from the massive gate and razor-wire that there was a border, but who knows...

Water was a theme during the trip. We swam (or stood in waterfalls) at ever chance.

This sign was just to strange to pass up. We took pictures and then went berry picking. Then we had to hit the road again and try to figure out where we were and go to the Syrian border.

We picked a spot to eat breakfast that had a nice overview of the village that we were in (who knows what village, we were still lost), but it also had a rotting animal laying there, apparently a wide boar, so, of course, we included him in the video.

Some pictures don't need explanations... cause there isn't one.

We kept getting lost and finally decided to just go east until we came across rows of fences and mine fields, it worked. We found the Syrian border! It was about time. Don't rely on Basil Khalil to get you somewhere if you have a schedule to keep!

Ah, Peter (an awesome person) in a bunker in the Golan Heights next to the Syrian border. That bunker was kinda creepy. Basil Khalil was too afraid to go in and he sat up there banging on the vent pipes and making creepy noises to scare us. IT DIDN'T WORK, BASIL. We did a little impersonation of a certain movie, that's what this photo is of.

For some strange reason Basil began impersonating a grandpa. He's a very strange young man... and an even stranger old man.

This is the Sea of Galilee! This one, incase you didn't guess, is a still from the video. You can see the wonderful, high-quality, dynamic title at the bottom of the screen.

There used to be a picture of Basil here, but it was just too weird.

Ahha! There is Peter (a very cool person) and Basil's back at the Mediterranean Sea in Acko. We had been carrying those heavy packs for far too long and started losing our humor.

But when we got to the hostel in Haifa and relaxed for a bit, we were set to go and went out to find somewhere to eat.

We did use sunscreen to protect our skin from damaging radiation in interest of our long-term health - once. Caesarea was probably our longest single-day hike with those heavy packs. We had lost our humor for good by the end of that day, mostly because we sat for an hour waiting for a cab to go to Jerusalem.

The trek obviously took it out of Basil, which is why we enjoyed waking him up early the next morning with video camera rolling.

Basil Khalil broke his sunglasses somehow so he tried on some trashy dollar-store sunglasses (what the military calls BC sunglasses) that Basil brought from the States.

We found a small, disturbed little restaurant in the Armenian quarter of Jerusalem. We paid a lot and got a couple of spoonfuls of food, but the atmosphere made it worth it (sour grapes).

Micah, me, I mean Peter, and Basil Kane-Evans.

A poetic photo of the Tower of David (though it was actually built by the Turks).

Another night shot, this time of the Dome of the Rock as seen from the roof of our Petra Hostel. Credit goes to Basil Khalil for the steady hand at photography (though, with the video camera, he was pretty bad).

We drank an unbelievable amount of water during the trip. In Jerusalem alone (about 36 hours of time) we tanked 12 bottles of water, plus some coke and juice.

Mitzpe Ramon! This is the background image in the poster. Israel has some really diverse terrain for being so small.

Micah brought along stage makeup on the trip, naturally. We never used it until we got to Mitzpe Ramon and we decided to make Basil about 40 years older.

Micah standing on the rock and Peter holding the video camera. We occasionally fixed the camera to the tripod and carried it to give it stability. People are often horrified that we walked around so close to a cliff that drops a few hundred feet. Well, in truth it was only a few feet of drop and then a nice slope to the bottom of the crater. Points for honesty!

We were a daring bunch! The desert we were driving around in is often used by the IDF for testing out their tanks and gatling guns. But, luckily, we were there on the Sabbath-eve so we survived.


A potential poster shot that didn't pass our rigorous quality tests. Basically we didn't look cool enough.

Our camel guide. He was a character. Too bad we couldn't bring him along on our trip in trade for, say, Micah.

Our jeep driver. He played eerily on the flute and then told us a very strange story about the origins of camels.

Too bad we couldn't bring along the camel in exchange for, say, Basil Kane-Evans.

Micah running around camering the camel procession.

Peter and Basil. They are not confused.

A horse in the sunset, very cool. Too bad we couldn't bring the horse along...

Micah washing his feet in the sink. That was disgusting, I'm sure he melted it.

A skelphone! The skeleton was making a phone call when he slipped.

Basil Khalil snorkeling. Even though the video ends with us walking into the water, we didn't end our trip quite then. We snorkeled, wandered around Eilat, got poisoned by iced coffee, and such. I would deem this photo to scary and delete it if it weren't for the mask covering most of his face.

Peter striking an incredible pose while chasing a fish. Actually, Peter could hardly swim because his mask kept leaking. He almost drowned. It was horrible.

That's all of the photos! I hope you enjoyed them. Now go take a look at the trailer and, most of all, buy something.