One thing that makes Outright Israel fun to watch is that it was basically shot exactly as it is seen in the video. We planned out the basic route that we were going to take, figured out an approximate budget (to make sure we weren't going to run out of money) and arranged a few things ahead of time such as digging at Nazareth Village and the Jeep Tour. But, the rest was pretty much made up as things went along. That was a very good thing considering that we kept changing modes of transportation (we were originally planning on riding trains more and buses less), getting lost, and finding cool things to do that we hadn't known about during the planning phase (like Vine U Pick and the Airodium flying machine).

Of course, the real trip was a good deal slower paced than what is seen on the final video, as can be expected. We attempted to compress as much of the locations, events and jokes into one hour as we possibly could, but there was a lot, a whole lot, that didn't make it into the video. There was a cooking contest, a whole lot more information on Caesarea, a couple more games, a lot of footage in various hostels, a bunch of jokes and some footage that was too confusing, or just simply too long to make it into the final video. It was painful cutting out some of Basil Khalil's sheik impersonation, Basil's tale of reasoning during dangerous times, everyone's attempts at pronouncing Mitzpe Ramon, a exhibition of the entire contents of Peter's backpack, some of Micah's infomercials, and a whole lot more pre-trip preparation footage. We hope to show more footage if we make a DVD version of Outright Israel.

Some numbers:

Total cost of trip: about $2000

Total length of trip: 8 days on video plus 1 day at the beginning going North and 1 extra day in Eilat.

Total number of video cameras: 2, though one shot very little and its footage wasn't used.

Total tapes used: 20.

Total hours of footage: about 18

Total Megabytes of harddrive used for editing: about 120,000

Total number of sisters: 9.

Total amount of water consumed: More than 80 bottles, estimating based on the amount we drank in Jerusalem.

Interview with Basil:

To further general understanding of the Outright Israel, its purpose and its crazy characters, we have invited Basil Kane-Evans to participate in a Q&A with the only stipulation being that we be allowed to proceed it with a lengthy introduction.

What was your initial impression of Israel?

My first impression? Hmmm. Well I guess I would have to say I felt more at home in Israel than Alabama. Having lived 15 out of 17 years overseas and coming back to the states where everybody speaks the same language and every town has the same stores and fast food restaurants,

I felt that it was kinda weird and not natural, lol. But in Israel I felt like I was at home and this is how life should be

Why was Basil Khalil mad about the towel?

Lol, I don't quite remember what transpired but I think what happened is that I grabbed his towel off his backpack to dry my hair after I took a shower. Anyway he got mad about it for some reason, lol! The man has issues.

There were two Basils on this trip? Did that cause confusion? Did you try to do something to remedy that problem?

Oh yeah, it was really confusing I kept mixing myself up, like when we were at his house I went down to what I thought was my room and started to pack up all my stuff for the trip, but then the other Basil came down told me to get out, this happened a lot during the trip. At first we tried to remedy the situation by issuing handles (nicknames) to everybody, lets see I was "Snowman", Peter was "Diesel", and Micah was "WC" (water closet), I don't think the other Basil had one though. But it doesn't matter anyway because we abandoned the names after about an hour. We had a system that if you said the person's real name then you would get a slap on the arm. By an hour we were all black and blue.

You were woken up several times in this video. Did you feel sleep deprived?

No, I wasn't sleep deprived, I was just the one with the most sense on the trip, why get up when you can sleep? But Micah wanted to catch the train on time.

What was the coolest site that you visited during the trip?

Well it was all cool, but if I had to pick one place it would have to be Nazareth. We did a lot of cool stuff there, like the cooking contest and Nazareth Village. I feel sorry for the people who watch the video, they don't get to see all the stuff we did, I guess they'll have to wait for the special edition DVD, LOL.

What suggestion would you give someone planning to minister in Israel?

Oh well that easy, use history. I mean come on! This is Israel. Almost all important biblical sites are right there. I tell you when you are actually standing in Israel and see actual Biblical sites you feel a real resurgence of 'coolness", LOL, is that even a real word?

What would you say to someone who was afraid to visit Israel?

Don't be. The odds of you getting blown up is the same as your plane crashing on its way there. Besides as Christians, we aren't supposed to be afraid.

How many bodies of water did you swim in during the trip?

Lets see, first there was the Mediterranean, then the Sea of Galilee, then the Red Sea, and finally the Dead Sea. So four all together.

Speaking of bodies, did you meet anyone attractive on this trip? Can you talk about that?

That would be most everybody. All the girls wear belly shirts and short shorts 24/7, and even some of the guys, which I thought was kinda weird. But we really aren't supposed to be looking primarily at physical attractiveness are we? Oh well I am only human, and a guy for that matter.

Say something nice about each of the other guys on the trip.

Hmmm, well Micah is the sensible one, Peter comes up with cool ideas, and Basil is really funny.

Say something mean and awful about each of the other guys on the trip.

Oh good! an easy one, Micah sometimes ruins your fun by being to sensible, Peter can come up with really stupid ideas that nobody wants to do but he makes us do them anyway, and Basil counts his money to often.

What is the most embarrassing part of the video?

I don't get embarrassed.

What did the camel taste like?

It tasted like Camel, for those who don't know it was pretty nasty.

Have you ever loved someone so much that it hurt?


Would you go on another Outright trip?

I was going to do Outright Alabama, but then I found out that there is nothing here and it would really boring, but now I have a new plan: Outright Iraq! That's right everybody Iraq is next, so buy OI so we have more funds to bring you more quality videos, LOL!