Outright Israel

Four slightly insane guys - Traveling from the top of Israel to the bottom - In eight days

The Plan

How do you make a truly you-are-there video documentary that’s both informative and fun? That was the daunting problem facing Peter, Micah, Basil, and Basil as they began planning to make a documentary of Israel. The answer? A plan that rivaled only their own insanity in its boldness and daring – a trip, using whatever transportation available, from the northernmost point of Israel at the razor-wire Lebanon border to the southern most tip where the sand meets the waves of the Red Sea, all of it recorded on-the-fly. That was the plan and, once the mental anguish of conceiving such a plot was over, the backpacks were filled with bottled water and videotapes, the train tickets were bought, and the trip began.

The Trip

Since the plan was so simple, and so ludicrous, the four were able to carry it out to a tee. They visit important political and Biblical sites, describing both historical importance and relevance to current events. People along the way, ranging from an Arab taxi driver to a missionary from Holland, share their personal perspective on the current situation. But for all the information it carries, the video never slacks its pace. Hilarious jokes and pointless games keep the video fun and fascinating. After getting lost in the Golan Heights, sidetracked by a berry-picking farm, earning food by digging a hole in Nazareth, accidentally coming upon Mark Twain’s former hotel room, Peter falling off a camel, and Basil cutting himself with his ukulele, the trip is brought to a high-energy conclusion at a snorkeling beach.

The End Result

What's the best alternative to actually traveling Israel? Experiencing it through a dynamic, information-filled, fun-permeated video shot by a pack of friends. Feel the mystery of the ruins of Caesarea, experience the awe of the Holy Sepulcher, visit the tank-shredded streets of the border crossing at Bethlehem, see sweeping vista of the Mediterranean seashore of Acko, taste the wholesome goodness of a cactus fruit, watch Micah try to kiss a goat. Twenty hours of footage, condensed to 55 minutes of high-energy video; it is outright fascinating, outright fun, Outright Israel!