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The Story of Wassail tells the tale of young ragamuffin who earns his living by selling rough carvings. Wassail lives happily though in absolute poverty. Suddenly his world is turned upside down when he sees a college girl walking by his street corner and falls hopelessly in love. Tragedy and comedy ensue as he pathetically tries to win her over.

"Very powerful, and very unique. I have not seen anything this original in a long time. "

- Nathan Gopen, Diadem


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Esther Granderson – Production Coordinator

Ruth McMillan – Production Coordinator’s Assistant

Peter Granderson – Visual Effects, Recolorization

Micah Granderson – Writer, Director, Editor, Additional Visuals

Eric Jeon – Matte Painter


Wassail - Clement Wee

Girl - Jennifer Ferguson

Obnoxious Boyfriend - Matt Tibbs

Obnoxious’ New Girlfriend - Charissa Wee

Urchin - Stephen Granderson

Policeman - Jonathan Ferguson

Landlord - Bill Granderson

Mother - Carmen Sveinsson

Child - Katie Sveinsson

Mother’s Voice - Darya Short

Child’s Voice - Seth Eichhorst

Rich Man - Michael Roach

Priest - Micah Granderson

Other College Girl - Stephanie Byford

Extras -

Claire Byford

Megan Tibbs

Martha Granderson

Mark Eichhorst

Kim Eichhorst

Rachel Eichhorst

Music Performed by Catovah Arts

Flute Solo by Charissa Wee

Many Thanks to –

Simmons Family

Elizabeth Granderson

Ryan Cullins

Our family and friends

The staff of Christ Church

Tranquil Storm

© 2002, Tranquil Storm. All rights reserved.